Ashley Lewis

I'm a photographer. I always knew I was a photographer, even when I was kidding myself trying to stick out a job doing graphic design! Everyone knew I was playing myself by not pursuing it properly but eventually my old boss and friend got me to shoot the cover of a swanky magazine we used to work on and from then I was hooked!

I would take photos whilst waiting for my train to work,  I'd take photos whilst the underground was shut due to overcrowding. I'd forget to eat at lunch time because I was too busy taking photos. On Saturdays I used to go and explore and take photos. Seriously, I was hooked and my friends on Instagram knew this better than anyone.

Then this girl, who I met at a hat party in Oxford offered me the opportunity to shoot the lookbook for a kids clothing company and she wouldn't take no for an answer. A few weekends later I travelled up to Oxford with a borrowed Canon 5D MKII and 35mm lens and shot the butt of this lookbook. Everyone was stoked about the images and this little brand went from 0 to hero and was stocked in Selfridges... YAY!

This other dude called Simeon (the guy who lent me the camera) asked if I would like to go to India to assist him with a wedding shoot. Again, after much deliberation and speaking with my supportive boss, I said yes and off I flew to India. Before I left my Creative Director said 'this will change you and I know you won't want to stay here when you get back but that's ok' I didn't believe him and off I went to India.

6 days later returning home a changed and very golden man I knew he was right... After experiencing a total culture shock I knew I needed to do something to make this whole photography thing happen.

A few weeks later I'd handed in my resignation, got a camera on finance and was ready to take on the world......

Since then, many years have passed, there's been ups and downs but I'm still doing photography! I've worked with some incredible people from brands such as Nike, Virgin Sport, Nivea, Superdry and many many more... I've had unfathomable experiences and opportunities thrown my way, I was part of a team of 23 photographers hand selected by Nike to shoot for the @Nike Instagram channel. So far I've had 9 images posted to @Nike with a total of 2.9 million likes as well as have my images in print in-store. I got to shadow the City of London Police for a day - still the only photographer to ever have done so! I've been interviewed on TV, had my photos in Vogue and photographed a couple world class athletes. 

Getting to travel is still incredibly exciting and I've got a few countries under my belt from the likes of Los Angeles, Paris & Venice all the way through to places like Delhi and Manchester!!

I've got a great team who support me, we're a relaxed but hard working bunch who just want the best for our client who at the same time just want to have fun and push boundaries... 

To see more of our work check the recent projects section or see us in action over on the blog. If you'd like to have a chat, feel free to send me an email on the form below..




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